Lead Me, Show Me Light, Enlighten Me…

I don’t need candles, diyas and incense; I don’t need temples, church and mosques. I see You everywhere. I don’t want an imposter. I see You as You are. You are Grand and I can’t describe You. You are a Feeling, an Emotion unexplained. I fear You not, I beg You not. I am in Awe of You. I am Your vessel, Your doing, Your creation. I regret my sins, I cherish my deed and repent my misdeeds. I ask my own forgiveness, because unless I forgive myself I don’t want anyonLight Upe else’s forgiveness. That is because a part of You is there in me. I am Your magic, Your creation. To me You are not to be afraid of, not to be locked in confines of manmade concretes, not to be flattered in mere words so fickle, flat and empty. For me You are beyond words and beyond the confines of any world. For me You are the flock of hundreds of birds flying home in the evening. For me You are the myriad of colours, a riot of all shades at dawn and dusk. For me You are the new born baby. For me You are a day well spent, a satisfactory over worked and tiresome day which leads to sound sleep. For me You are walking barefoot on dew carpeted lush green grass. For me You are the act of kindness, an act of generosity, an act so selfless that it touches your heart. For me You are the tears that fall from a mother’s eyes for her children. I feel Your presence where I am because You are a Creator and You are the Preserver and If need be You are the Destroyer so that something new and better can be created. – Thats my God.

Answering the Question….

Few days back my friend (close to heart) asked me the very beaten and age old question.. What is Life..? My first reaction was “what new shit are u reading currently” “are you sad?” “are u drunk (this options out as it was morning nine-ish)” “you are asking this to me? I m the victim of Life”. But then I started thinking about it. All about life the questions and answers that I know were always what I have read about somewhere never was I asked about my personal views on life. What is life to me..? I ll not talk great here. I ll not quote the gone great souls who had mysteriously decoded the “what is life”. So lets begin…I feel life is about maintaining a homeostatic balance between crushed dreams and aspirations. Because the moment there is an imbalance between them you start snapping; like dry branches, erupting; like active volcanoes, shattering; like glass wares. Life is also about letting go things and having a permanent grudge in your hearts (though we may not say/show) . It is about accepting everything and retaining nothing. It is giving away something for a cause and obviously as hell expecting the rich fruits for the deed done. Life is saying something, feeling exactly the opposite and doing entirely different thing. Life is loving endlessly and being hurt endlessly. Life is joy at the expense of suppressing feelings of others. Life is living a dream a floating cloud. It is a mosaic work of the known and unknown variables. Life is seeking out assurance from others about the things that we already know deep down. It is about denying the facts that we know and living in a bubble until someone comes and pops it. When this pop! happens we actually realize what life is. After this begins the life of making amendments, redemption and remorse. Not being super gloomy and sad but face it that is what life is. We always will and even right now wanting something out of life. But that is the illusion it not about taking out from life but let the life take it all…Now the question is Is this all there is…??? I don’t know…I know there is more and there always will be more to life…but right now my 25 years 2 months and 13 days old brain can figure out this much only.. 

Floating Thoughts….

There are moments and then there is magic in almost all of them. I wonder is it the fear of being happy or the fear of losing that happy moment again to that deep abyss of nothingness. Something holds us back from recognizing the magic in those moments. Why is it that we have a veil on our eyes ever so translucent watching absorbing everything and still not recognizing anything. Why is it that our brain sifting and scrambling through all still does not register these beautiful pearls of moments until it becomes a hazy distant memory..why do we always cherish what is left behind..when the moment is there we are too busy to grab it n live it…


Taking the liberty to invent this somewhat crazy sounding word…Most of you must have got it.. Dream + Inspiration…As an answer to why such truck load of creativity ( lol 😛 ) I would tell you about my favorite time pass rather me and my gang’s…we have dis almost OCD like tendency to just keep on dreaming and from those dreams we come up with ideas so brilliant bright and blinding that we sincerely think that its our capability to close our eyes (mostly its open eyes) and dream off to far far away places…For example when frustrated we think of not being born in this country, of being something that we think would help us be wanderers, some of us wants to be the drop dead gorgeous, some of us wants to actually feel I Feel I Can Flyyy….some of us wants to be something all the time…and so we just start dreaming about ourselves in the scenario and thus coming up with an idea to fill in the voids created by unfulfilled desires…we start giving inputs for pseudo fulfillment of the dreams..and thus comes a creation of small small not very consequential but very gratifying moments for us…in which we see a possibility of our dreams being realized…floating in a bubble created by dreaming and inspiring one’s own self…here I would like to end this blabber.. time to dream… 

What are we Afraid of….

Yesterday evening I was suddenly overcome with a dread descending down the escalator, I was afraid of falling and then i started wondering am I afraid of falling or of not getting up. And this thought set off a cascade of never ending thoughts. This made me think do we really are afraid of asking questions or knowing answers. I think we are never afraid of taking the fabled path less traveled but extremely dreadful of the destination it will lead us to. We are not afraid to change but we are not ready to accept the change. It is always the fear of the unknown results, the effects that would take place because of the actions we perform…somewhere the cause and effects are bounding us with the shackles of fear. Restraining us from wearing our heart on our sleeves. So hereby I decide to do what I want to do, be what I really want to be, speak what I feel and live my life on my own terms.

The Soul Curry

Let’s find a place so beautiful that it takes away the breath, the celestial kinda beauty which is beautiful inside out. Lets live a life of fantasy just out of a fairytale, the one which is eternal and absolute. Lets search for the truth which enlightens our conscience, the one which is eternal and absolute. Lets throw out all the rage, raw and pulsating, replacing our honeyed ties with bitter laces. Lets break off all the ill feelings that are binds us and arise with a soul kind pure and free from chains of malice. Lest collide with that true love which runs deep in your veins, the one which is forever and beyond. Lets dream of a dream that of sun, moon and stars, dreams whose only thought runs a shiver down your spine. Lets fail again and again to arise every time with a vigor afresh and strong then ever before. Lets cry out our hearts, empty it of all the feelings caged. Let it be in a state of void, empty and yet so filled with serenity.